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Cribstore is introducing new digital & 3D Visual advertising technology & new innovative visualitiy, more creative business practices with a new & high foot fall rating system with our unique devices.

Cribstore Founded in 2018, we’re one of the best digital marketing & branding companies in Hyderabad with more than 100+ locations with thousands of footfall per day across Hyderabad & PAN India.

We offer advertisers a variety of 3D virtual Ads, helping both local businesses and national brands reach big number of new audience every day.

Our versatile formats offer creative potential to break through the clutter & hold people’s attention, wherever they shop & travel.


From branding to digital advertisements


From Malls to Restaurants, covering all verticals of biz’s.


From morning ‘till night with dynamic content and always displays & grab people’s attention when they’re on the go

What we do for you?

Cribstore is a Unique Ad display technology device with sparkling effect. We have almost 100+ various locations in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh, We‘re providing end to end solutions to the clients, which means we start with your dream design, take it further and end display to public. As we have special devices in the footfall places, we can showcase your customers Ads without depending on any other platform for display.

    We Accept:-
  • Local vendor Ad’s
  • Events Ad’s
  • Location wise Ad’s
  • Public / Private / Corporate Ad’s
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